Ministry of Health Canada

Food and Drug Act

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture

Ontario Independent Meat Processors

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations

Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990

Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

Food Safety Enhancement Program Manual

Nutrition Labelling, Nutrition Claims and Health Claims

Health Canada, Food allergies

Health Canada, Food Packaging

Health Canada, Lists of permitted food additives

Health Canada, Reference listing of accepted construction materials, packaging materials and non-food chemical products database

CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Food Safety Hazards

Codex Alimentarius

QMP (Quality Management Program)

ECCP (Export Certification Control Program)

GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

BRC Global Standard

The Safe Quality Food Institute

Food Safety System Certification 22000




Consumer packaging and labeling regulations in the Canada,_c._417/

Labeling requirements in the Canada

Food Fraud

Food labeling in the USA

Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP)

Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

Bad Bug Book Second Edition

Meta database of tools and models for food safety professionals

New Zealand Food Safety

New Zealand Hazard Database

Food Safety by Type of Food

Health Hazards Associated with Animal Feed

All Hazards – The Center for Food Security and Public Health

FEFAC – Feed and Premix

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