Serving the world by creating and sustaining a safer, healthy, and authentic food supply chain for all of us.

To be the world’s best food safety and compliance training and consulting company.  We take pride in serving the food handlers in producing safe, healthy, and authentic food products by educating them in science-based food safety and compliance programs, providing them easy to use tools for implementation and monitoring them for continuous improvement.

We offer our customer the best suitable option, at better prices and the utmost convenience (i.e. face to face or virtually).

Honesty, integrity, being in service, quality, responsibility, teamwork, continuous learning, diversity, innovation, humility, leadership, fun and families.



FSCA History

2003; Ms. Shilpa Mistry started independent food safety consulting and training services to the food manufacturer in the Greater Toronto Area with the vision “to help food manufacturers in educating and training in safe food handling practices and meeting Health Canada and CFIA requirements.”

Within two years, the self-employed business was incorporated as “QUALITY FOOD SAFETY CONSULTING” (QFSC) in 2005 to meet increased demand of customers. Since then, the “QFSC” has been providing food safety and quality programs consulting, auditing, and training services for the government and private organizations within North America.

July 2020, the “Quality Food Safety Consulting” organization was restructured and rename as “FOOD SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE ALLIANCE” (FSCA) with the expanded vision of “SERVING THE WORLD BY CREATING AND SUSTAINING SAFER FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN FOR ALL OF US”.

“FSCA” continue to offer consulting services to our food supply chain clients in various food safety and quality programs such as HACCP, HARPC, PCP, BRCGS, SQF, FSSC 22000, FSVP, GFCP etc. to meet our customers and regulatory and customer requirements. Our consulting services have served many clients in achieving and maintaining food safety and quality programs certification with ratings of “Excellence” or “AA”.

We serve clients by meeting their specific consumer needs such as product certification (such as Kosher, Halal, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, GMO-free etc.) and therefore increase sales, growth, and success for our clients.

We offer various types of food safety and quality programs auditing services to meet client needs such as GAP assessment, Pre-Assessment, Internal Audits, Certification Audits etc.

We have served Canadian Government Organizations such as Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) & Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) for HACCP Advantage Auditing and Provincial Meat Plant Audit services in the past.

We are providing GFSI audit services for the certification bodies such as DNVGL and AIBI-CS.

We offer HACCP and GFSI standards training via e-learning (live instructor) or in class. Our HACCP courses are approved by the “International HACCP Alliance”. Our trainers are also BRINGS Approved Training Partners and provide training in the courses such as BRCGS, Product Safety Hazard and Risk Management etc.

We have also served the Ministry of Health, BC in the Development tools and training materials to assist food processors with preparation of food safety plans and sanitation plans.

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