BRCGS Issue 9 Lead Auditor – 5 Days


This course is part of the BRCGS Professional recognition programme.

Course Description:

This 5-day in-depth course will provide an understanding of the Standard in terms of the protocol, requirements and how to audit effectively. Delegates will gain an in-depth guide to the requirements of the Standard, and learn how to undertake a BRCGS audit, including effective planning, conducting, and reporting of the audit. Auditing techniques will be practiced and developed, to include the auditor competency skills required of GFSI scheme auditors.

Delegates must have a prior working knowledge of quality management systems and auditing within the relevant manufacturing sector and have completed a HACCP course of at least two days duration.

Successful completion of this course, including the exam, forms part of the training necessary to become a BRCGS auditor. The steps necessary to complete your training must be arranged with a BRCGS-approved certification body.

Duration: 5 days

Training Cost:  $2799.00 + HST 13% 

All prices are in Canadian dollars. HST only applies to Canadian delegate.

BRCGS Certificate fee:    

In addition to training fees, BRCGS charges £35 per certificate; the delegate is required to pay certificate fee.

This course is beneficial for: 

  • Certification body auditors or new auditors seeking registration
  • Technical and quality managers who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the audit process
  • Consultants
  • BRCGS Professionals

Key learning objective:

  • The details of the BRCGS scheme
  • The requirements of the Standard and how compliance can be demonstrated
  • BRCGS auditing protocol
  • Effective auditing techniques
  • Food safety auditor competencies as defined by GFSI
  • Completing the audit report
  • Compliance monitoring of certification bodies
  • The BRCGS Directory

Training Materials:

  • Training materials will be provided to each delegate.
  • However, delegate is required to bring a copy of BRCGS Issue 9 standard copy which is available free of charge from the BRCGS Bookshop
  • The delegate must have read and reviewed a copy of the Standard prior to the course for better understanding of the standard during the training.

Training Assessment:

  • At the end of the course, each delegate is required to be assessed with an exam. 
  • The exam consists of 50 questions and delegate is required to score 75% to pass an exam.

Training Certificate:

At the end of the course, the delegates will receive “BRCGS Issue 9 Lead Auditor” Attendance certificate and another certificate after successful pass of an exam, issued by BRCGS.

Cancellation policy:         

25% of training cost is applied when delegate decided to cancel training 10 days prior to the training date.

When there are less than 10 delegates, training will be rescheduled or cancelled, and delegate will be notified immediately. In case of cancellation of class, the delegate will be reimbursed for the training fees immediately.

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