Ms. Shilpa Mistry; Food Safety and Compliance Specialist

Ms. Shilpa Mistry has over 22 years of working experience in the food industry providing food safety and compliance programs consulting, auditing, and training services to the private and government organizations.

She is a Microbiologist and an approved HACCP and BRCGS trainer.

She is providing HACCP and GFSI auditing service in North America for more than 10 years.

Her majority of work involves assisting food manufacturing companies in the development, implementation and maintenance of food safety and quality programs certification such as HACCP, and GFSI.

She led employees with the example, explanation and thorough understanding and this attribute encourages employees and management to comply with food safety and quality standards and regulations. With her, the clients feel a sense of comfort and that they are taken care of.

Shilpa Mistry

Mr. Syed Shamoon Ali: Food Safety and Compliance Specialist

Mr. Shamoon Ali is a Food Technologist and an approved GFSI Auditor for various schemes such as SQF, FSSC 22000 and BRCGS. His majority of work involves auditing food manufacturing companies for GFSI standards and customer specific audits in the North America.

Mr. Shamoon Ali has more than 8 years of working experience in the food and hospitality industries. In addition to auditing, he provides food safety and quality programs consulting and training services.


Ms. Ravneet Bhullar- Food Safety Specialist

Ms. Ravneet Bhullar holds a master’s degree in Life Sciences and bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. She has post-graduation diploma in Biotechnology and Food Science.

Ms. Ravneet Bhullar is a skilled food safety professional with more than five years of experience in the food safety and quality programs writing, development and implementation.

She believes in lifelong learning and kept up to date with food industry standards such as HACCP, SFCR, PCP, BRCGS, SQF.


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