HACCP Verification and Validation


This purpose of this course is to train delegates in the development and implementation of HACCP Pre-requisite programs and their importance in the development of the HACCP Plan.


This purpose of this course is to train delegates in the 

  1. Differentiate between verification and validation activities
  2. Identify the components of prerequisite program verification
  3. Identify the components of CCP verification
  4. Identify the components of HACCP system verification
  5. Identify the components of HACCP plan validation
  6. Identify regulatory requirements for verification and validation


  • The delegate must be knowledgeable and experienced in the development and implementation HACCP Pre-requisite programs and HACCP Plans. 
  • It is recommended that delegate to complete HACCP Pre-requisite programs and HACCP Plan training prior to taking this training.


TRAINING COST:  $585.00 + HST 13% 

All prices are in Canadian dollars. HST only applies to Canadian delegate.


In addition to training fees, the delegate is required to pay certificate fee of US $10 plus shipping and handling cost.


  • Food site technical managers, quality managers and quality teams
  • HACCP team members
  • Auditors and internal auditors
  • SQF practitioners, BRCGS Coordinators, HACCP Coordinators
  • Supervisors, Lead hands, CCP Operators
  • Consultants 


  1. HACCP Overview
  1. Review prerequisite programs, the five preliminary steps of HACCP, and the seven HACCP Principles
  2. Define verification and validation
  1. Verification of Prerequisite Programs
  1. Identify verification and validation activities for prerequisite programs
  2. Understand the concept of prerequisite program verification and validation
  3. Examples of specific activities for prerequisite program verification and validation
  1. CCP Verification
  1. Understand the components of CCP verification
  2. Examples of each CCP verification activity
  3. CCP verification records
  1. HACCP System Verification
  1. Differences between a HACCP Plan and a HACCP System
  2. Describe the components of a HACCP System verification
  3. Examples of HACCP system verification
  4. HACCP system verification records
  5. Utilization of a HACCP System Verification
  1. HACCP Plan Validation
  1. Differences between HACCP System Verification and HACCP Plan Validation
  2. Hazard Analysis and other components of a HACCP plan (i.e., CCP, critical limits, monitoring activities, corrective actions, verification, record-keeping)
  3. Examples of HACCP plan validation
  4. HACCP plan validation records 
  5. Utilization of HACCP Plan Validation
  1. HACCP Regulatory Requirements (CFIA, USDA, FDA, etc.)
  2. Regulatory requirements related to verification and validation “reassessment”) requirements
  3. Current, pending, and proposed agency activities relating to verification and validation


  • Training materials will be provided to each delegate.
  • Delegates are required to bring a copy of their product list, ingredient list, packaging material list, process flow diagram and plant schematic.


  • Each delegate is required to participate in the poll questions, group exercises and case studies during training. 


  • At the end of the course, the delegates will receive “HACCP Training on Verification and Validation” certificate issued by the “FSCA” with HACCP Alliance Seal. 


25% of training cost is applied when delegate decided to cancel training 10 days prior to the training date.

When there are less than 10 delegates, training will be rescheduled or cancelled, and delegate will be notified immediately. In case of cancellation of class, the delegate will be reimbursed for the training fees immediately.




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